Admin Permissions Required

In order for Power BI Sentinel to backup your Power BI documents, and scan your tenant to generate documentation, data lineage and audit logs, it is necessary to request permission for Power BI Sentinel to access your Power BI tenant's API.

The first time a user from your tenant logs into Power BI Sentinel, it will either show the approval window (if the user is a Global Admin), or request that a Global Admin signs in to grant the approval.

Log into the Power BI Sentinel Portal at, or your regional URL if using EU or AU data centers.

This access can only be granted by an Office 365 Global Administrator so you will need to get a Admin to grant this using the above link before you sign up to Power BI Sentinel, this is a one-off task.

The process is:

  1. Ask your o365 Global Admin to authorize Power BI Sentinel by signing in at (or your regional URL)
  2. If you are shown a tick box asking to provide "consent on behalf of your organization", please select it. This enables other users in your organization to use Power BI Sentinel, and may be shown in some tenants. This only needs to happen once.
  3. You can then log in to the same portal and sign up.

This only needs to be done once.

Note that all of the permissions requested ONLY apply to Power BI, and not your entire organization, despite the ambiguous wording in the request message.

For more details about Microsoft Consent, please see Microsoft's consent explanation page here.

For details about Power BI Service Administrators, please see this page

Why are permissions requested by Purple Frog Systems?

Power BI Sentinel is a service created and run by Purple Frog Systems Ltd, a Business Intelligence consultancy with over a decade of experience helping large global organisations with their Microsoft Data Platform analytics needs. Power BI Sentinel is a brand name that operates within the Purple Frog Systems company, and it is hosted in Azure, within the Purple Frog Systems tenant.

Power BI Sentinel is a shared SaaS platform that is hosted outside of your Azure/o365 tenant. We therefore need to request permission in order to give you access to the information it generates.

What happens if I don't grant permission?

For Power BI Sentinel to work it has to have access to your Power BI tenant.

However, it is up to you which of the above permission levels you grant the application, we strongly recommend full access.

If you would like to discuss any of this further, please get in touch with us.