Documentation provides visibility of the data model, Power Query and DAX calculation logic used within a dataset, even allowing you to download a PDF version for offline archiving.


  • View the data model of datasets
  • View the data sources used by datasets
  • View DAX calculations for measures and calculated columns
  • View which columns are not used by any reports
  • PDF export


A developer wants to copy a DAX calculation from an existing report.

Instead of having to get hold of a copy of the Power BI file, they can just use Sentinel to see and copy any calculation.


Your development team release a new set of reports into production. Your project manager wants documentation of the report to save with the change management process.

They, or your developers, can use Sentinel to generate complete, accurate and consistent documentation in a matter of seconds.

Build your own Documentation reports

Not only can you view dataset documentation from within the Power BI Sentinel web portal, but you can also query this using your reporting tool of choice, from T-SQL to Power BI.

Power BI Sentinel exports your dataset documentation to your own Azure SQL database, leaving you in full control of creating any report, visualisation or view that you need.

Power BI Documentation