Power BI Disaster Recovery

Democratising Power BI across your organisation empowers your users to generate their own reports and insight, but it introduces a significant risk to the business.

What happens when they delete or break a report and don't have a backup?

How will you safeguard your business from the downtime of critical reports?


The truth is that you can't change or slow down the multiplying effect of Power BI. It will continue to spread, and this is good for the business, it means more people can access the information they need to make decisions quickly.

But it's difficult to manage the risks associated with accelerating the roll out of Power BI; you need to ensure that you have a disaster recovery plan to minimise downtime and maintain faith in Power BI.

Power BI Sentinel provides you with automated backups, and also monitors changes to your reports, allowing your company to recover from any lost reports in a matter of minutes.

Don't wait until you encounter Power BI downtime, proactively set up your backup and recovery process now to stay the hero.