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Power Bi Sentinel and Fabric
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Governance, Auditing and Disaster Recovery for Power BI and Fabric

Bridge the gap between compliance and self service reporting with Power BI Sentinel

Stay vigilant. Stay secure.


Improve security


Automated documentation of reports


Hosted in Microsoft Azure


Governance of data


View report usage and audit trails


Managed through a web browser


Help manage GDPR and SOX compliance


Simplify and accelerate disaster recovery


Mobile compatible

Power BI Sentinel gives you the insights you're looking for

Risk Assessment Report

We deliver a Power BI risk assessment report that gives you a bird's-eye view of your enterprise Power BI environment

Disaster Recovery Strategy

You're able to back up your reports daily, conduct rollbacks and track all changes for each user. This helps you build an enterprise-level Power BI disaster recovery solution

Comply with GDPR

Through data stewardship functionality inside of Power BI Sentinel, you can dig even deeper and see where data is exposed in your organization. Then, leverage data lineage features to better comply with GDPR regulations

Power BI Sentinel enables a bird's-eye view of all your users and Power BI reports.

You will know how your data is being used and managed every day

Get Control of Fabric from the start

Microsoft Fabric is an exciting and powerful next level for Power BI.

Bringing the enterprise data engineering, data warehouse and data lakehouse capability of Synapse Analytics into the Power BI framework, layered on top of incredible performance of the OneLake storage layer.

The possibilities are endless, but the need for effective governance and transparency of your Power BI estate has never been greater, and Power BI Sentinel is here to help!



Manage the power of Power BI

You want to enable everyone in your business to build reports, but how can you stay vigilant if you're unable to follow every inch of your data, usage and report changes?

Power BI is a powerful tool with the capabilities to prepare and analyze important data to keep your business sharp and competitive. But it can also leave you exposed and at-risk by limiting your ability to track multiple users, in multiple locations, with multiple reports.

You need visibility over your entire Power BI estate - every single day - to safeguard your data and meet GDPR and/or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


Maintain control whilst managing your risk

Power BI Sentinel is a SaaS application that works alongside your Power BI estate, to provide greater security and governance of your Power BI data.

Lineage Explorer shows you where your sensitive data is being exposed.

Backups and Change Tracking provide disaster recovery.

Auditing and Usage Analytics gives you visibility over who is doing what, and when.

Securely backup all your reports in a safe place and roll back reports that fail

Discover who is looking at which reports and track their Power BI usage.

Log who is creating, editing and deleting Reports, Apps and Workspaces

Identify any problems created through report changes and roll back to the correct version

Show which data sources are used by which datasets, data flows, and also by which reports


Extending the capabilities of Power BI

We understand the power of an enterprise-level analytics solution. We know that automating documentation, backups, data lineage, and change tracking is critical to maintaining control and mitigating risk.

Power BI Sentinel delivers enablement, security, and compliance to your Power BI ecosystem. It's designed to keep you in control and minimize your risk whilst enhancing user functionality.


Don't leave gaps in your data management

You can't change or slow down the multiplying effect of Power BI. It will continue to grow, and this is good for your business: it means people are empowered to access the information they need, and to make decisions quickly

You can, however, regain control and management of this with Power BI Sentinel