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Power BI & Fabric Toolkit

Governance, Auditing and Disaster Recovery for Power BI and Microsoft Fabric

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Power BI Auditing

Take action and regain control of your Power BI & Microsoft Fabric Estate

Discover how Power BI Sentinel can elevate your organization's data governance and security strategy.
Start your journey towards enhanced compliance, privacy, and risk management today.

Key information for
ISO 27001 certified organization, and cyber essentials certified
Get full visibility of where your data is being exposed in Power BI, and to who
Security managed by Microsoft and Power BI Single Sign On (SSO)
Finance & Compliance
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Regain control with full oversight of your Power BI Estate
Optimize your premium capacity, workspaces and licenses to reduce costs
Reduce downtime and build trust in your Power BI data
Decision Makers
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Monitor report consumption and changes with comprehensive historic audit logs
Roll back errors or changes in reports, using our automated backups
Generate full documentation for datasets, including DAX, Power Query and column/measure usage
Technical Users
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Manage Microsoft Fabric from the get-go.

Microsoft Fabric is an exciting and powerful next level for Power BI. Bringing the enterprise data engineering, data warehouse and data lakehouse capability of Synapse Analytics into the Power BI framework, layered on top of incredible performance of the OneLake storage layer.

While the possibilities are limitless, the need for robust governance and transparency within your Power BI ecosystem has never been more pressing, and Power BI Sentinel stands ready to provide the solution.

Power BI Sentinel provides more powerful Microsoft Fabric capability than Purview, at a fraction of the cost, and can be setup in minutes not months. Read More...

Seamless Integration and Simple Setup

Power BI Sentinel integrates seamlessly with your Power BI and Microsoft Fabric estate. Being a SAAS product, there is nothing to install, and no invasive setup required. Just configure the required Storage account and SQL Database and you're ready to begin.

Power BI Sentinel uses your Power BI user authorization tokens to access your tenant. Which means all security is managed by Microsoft, including SSO and MFA. We don't access or store any of your physical data, and all backups are sent to your own storage account.

For more information on the setup process, and what is required to begin, please visit our setup guide here.

Should you have any more questions about security, compliance or the setup process, please get in touch here.

Bridge the gap between compliance and self service reporting with Power BI Sentinel

Control and Mitigate Risk

Power BI Sentinel works alongside your Power BI estate, to provide greater security and governance of your Power BI data.

Backups and Change Tracking provide disaster recovery.

Auditing and Usage Analytics gives you visibility over who is doing what, and when.

Lineage Explorer shows you where your sensitive data is being exposed.


Automated backups

Securely backup all your reports in a safe place and roll back reports that fail easily using the PBIX files.

Change tracking

Identify any problems created through report changes and roll back to the correct version

Usage Analytics

Monitor Power BI usage and track user actions across reports, apps, and workspaces with detailed logging.

Lineage Explorer

Show which data sources are used by which datasets, data flows, and also by which reports


Extending the capabilities of Power BI

We understand the power of an enterprise-level analytics solution. We know that automating documentation, backups, data lineage, and change tracking is critical to maintaining control and mitigating risk.

Power BI Sentinel delivers enablement, security, and compliance to your Power BI ecosystem. It's designed to keep you in control and minimize your risk whilst enhancing user functionality.