Change Tracking

Change Tracking monitors changes to your reports and datasets daily, ensuring that any problems created through report changes can be identified efficiently and accurately.

Disaster Recovery

When your decision-makers rely on Power BI reports to run your organization, you need to have complete confidence in making sure they have a working set of reports to use.

If someone inadvertently makes a change that breaks a report, visual, or calculation it can take hours or days to unpick the details and work out what has gone wrong.

Power BI Sentinel helps you avoid this, and will show you in a matter of seconds exactly what was changed between any two versions. You can then use the automated Power BI backup facility to roll back, or just use the details provided by us to manually undo the breaking change.

You can get back up and running in minutes instead of days.


  • Identify when changes have been made to a report and dataset
  • Show which visuals and filters have been changed
  • Compare old/new between any two historic versions


A user makes a change to a report that breaks critical functionality. They're now on vacation so you have no idea what they changed, or when.

Using Power BI Sentinel Change Tracking you can easily see what changes were made, and when, and then even roll back to an old version using our Backup functionality.