Setting up Power BI Sentinel

Full Setup Walkthrough Video

10 step guide

Getting started with Power BI Sentinel is a straightforward and quick process, but there are some pre-requisites that you need to sort out first:

  • You must have an existing Power BI license
  • For Power BI Premium customers, to get documentation, search, and table-level lineage, you need to enable read access to the XMLA endpoint in Power BI
  • Create an Azure Storage account to hold your backups, and get the connection string
  • Create an Azure SQL DB to store your usage logging and lineage metadata, and get the connection string
  • Request an Office 365 Global Admin to authorize Sentinel

Once these are done, setting Power BI Sentinel up is a very quick process. So, let's work through these in turn.

Azure Storage account, then Azure SQL DB, The Global o365 Admin, Template Reports.