Power BI Lineage Explorer

Data Lineage is a key part of Data Governance within Power BI, showing you which data sources are used by which datasets, and then by which reports.

It enables you to see the upstream and downstream path of your data.


  • Track which data sources are being used and by which datasets.
  • Track which reports are using which datasets.
  • Ability to trace the connectivity and flow of data through from source to report.
  • Support for data flows
  • View Table/View level lineage, with Power BI Premium
  • Build your own reports in Power BI to view lineage

Build your own lineage reports

Not only can you view your enhanced data lineage within the Power BI Sentinel web portal, you can also query this using your reporting tool of choice, from T-SQL to Power BI.

Power BI Sentinel exports your enhanced data lineage to your own Azure SQL database, leaving you in full control of creating any report, visualisation or view you need.


You have a GDPR audit, and need to know quickly which data flows, datasets and reports expose data to your users.

Data Lineage and the Data Source Explorer provide a clear view of the end to end data path, enabling you to instantly see which reports you need to assess or secure.


You want to make a change to a database or a dataset, and want to assess the impact this may have on other reports.

Data Lineage shows you every report that consumes the selected database, data flow or dataset, allowing you to narrow down the regression testing to a small set of reports.