Usage Analytics

Sentinel Usage Analytics tracks which users are accessing which reports, and when.

This enables you to monitor Power BI adoption, usage of specific workspaces or reports, check whether your users are actually consuming the Power BI content that you're providing them with and so on.


  • Track usage of reports and workspaces
  • Log data stored in your own Azure SQL DB database
  • You can then create your own Power BI usage analysis reports


You've paid for a large number of new Power BI licences, or have upgraded to Premium Capacity. You need to monitor the adoption rate to see whether you're getting value from those licences.

Sentinel allows you to monitor, by date and/or time, which users are accessing which reports and in which workspaces. You can then monitor this over time to track adoption within the business.


You want to make a significant change to a report, but want to engage with business users on the proposed changes before making them. You need to know which users are accessing this report on a regular basis.

Sentinel easily allows you to identify these users, allowing you to engage with them early in the process, preventing any backlash or problems.