Power BI Governance

You have to regain control of your Power BI estate.

Remove the fear of enabling self-service reporting, allow your company to embrace a data-driven culture, whilst maintaining your Power BI Governance, visibility and control of what's happening.


You're struggling to keep Power BI secure and backed-up. You know that if you get reviewed for GDPR compliance, Power BI won't pass an audit.

You want to enable everyone in the business to build their own reports, but you don't know how to do it without leaving gaps in its management.



You have a bird's-eye view of all your users and reports. You securely backup all reports daily and can roll back reports that fail. You can find out instantly where your company's data is being used, and by who.

You provide excellent service to the business by keeping an eye on your company's data, its usage and report changes. Your business is able to adopt a data driven culture, with Power BI at its core.

Power BI Sentinel - Documentation

Peace of mind for data governance in Power BI

through adopting Power BI Sentinel