Power BI Governance

You have to regain control of your Power BI estate.

Remove the fear of enabling self-service reporting, allow your company to embrace a data-driven culture, whilst maintaining your Power BI Governance, visibility and control of what's happening.


You're struggling to keep Power BI secure and backed up. You know that if you get reviewed for GDPR compliance, Power BI won't pass an audit.

While you aspire to empower all employees to create their own reports, you're uncertain how to achieve this without compromising on effective management and oversight.


Power BI Sentinel grants you a birds-eye view of all your Power BI users and reports. It enables secure daily backups and facilitates seamless rollbacks in case of failures. Additionally, you gain instant insights into where your company's data is being used, and by whom.

Your vigilant monitoring of company data, usage patterns, and report modifications contributes significantly to the business's success. Your business can adopt a data-driven culture, with Power BI at its core.

Unlock peace of mind in Power BI Governance...

Experience the power of Power BI Sentinel in just 3 minutes with our demonstration video. Witness how it revolutionizes data governance within Power BI.