Data Source Explorer

Data Source Explorer flips Lineage Explorer around, and shows which datasets and reports are using those sources, showing you both full upstream and downstream dependencies. 

Power BI Governance & GDPR

Power BI encourages your users to build more reports, which is great for empowering them to become more data driven. But that creates a significant headache for your data governance and compliance team.

You don't have any visibility of where your data is being used, or by which reports and by whom.

Power BI Sentinel overcomes this by providing you with a clear picture of the flow of data from each and every data source, through your data flows, data sets and reports, and then showing who has been accessing this data and when.

Data Security

With sensitive data in your reports, you need to have clear visibility of which of your datasets is secured using Row Level Security.

Power BI Sentinel provides clear visibility of this via a simple key icon against each dataset, helping you gain control over your data security.


  • See all Datasources being used.
  • View the refresh schedule detail for your datasets in Power BI.
  • View the gateways between datasources and datasets.

This level of enhanced Data Lineage is vital for complete data governance, but cannot be done using Power BI's built-in lineage view. Power BI Sentinel also supports multiple workspaces, including personal workspaces, which is a significant enhancement over the in-house lineage view within Power BI.

Data Source Explorer Menu

Build your own Data Source reports

Power BI Sentinel also exports your full enhanced data lineage to your own Azure SQL database, allowing you to build your own Power BI reports over this data.