Power BI Backups

Power BI Sentinel Backups ensures that all historic versions of Power BI documents are stored in a safe place as part of your disaster recovery and rollback strategy.

These backups are stored safely in your own Azure Storage account, and therefore can be downloaded on demand by anyone with access.

Power BI Disaster Recovery

When your organisation relies on the insight that comes from using Power BI, any drop in service will prevent your employees from working as efficiently.

Therefore, it is vital to minimize the recovery time if anything goes wrong. Whether this is someone deleting a report accidentally or maliciously, or inadvertently breaking a report by making a change. If something goes wrong, you need to recover quickly and painlessly without having to ask a team of developers to unpick the problem by hand.

Power BI Sentinel backs up your Power BI files on a regular basis (and even tells you what has changed between versions), allowing you to roll back or disaster recover in only a few minutes.

Sentinel Data Image 1

Power BI Compliance

When your Power BI files are backed up, they also contain the data as is was on the day. So at any point in the future you can use this as a time machine, and review what the data was at the time.

This is invaluable for compliance purposes, being able to view any historic version of a report and its data, interactively, on demand.


  • Daily or Weekly scheduled backups of PBIX files from PowerBI.com to your Azure Storage account.
  • Historic version download/rollback facility.
  • Enables disaster recovery for all of your critical Power BI documents


A user deletes a critical Power BI report, or makes a change that breaks the report.

Simply download yesterday's backup from Power BI Sentinel and roll back to this working version, minimising downtime of the report.