Microsoft Purview or Power BI Sentinel

What is Microsoft Purview?

Microsoft Purview is the new name for a suite of governance and compliance tools within Azure.

It used to be called Azure Purview, and the previous Azure Purview functionality (data lineage, cataloguing and classification) does still form a part of Microsoft Purview, but is also supplemented with a number of other features, including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance and more.

Microsoft Azure Purview

Is Purview Any Good?


Purview gives you a picture of your whole data engineering estate, in Azure as well as AWS etc.

The Data Map functionality provides you with a really good picture of the data lineage across your data infrastructure, both on-prem and in the Cloud.

The Data Catalog will scan your actual data to find and classify potentially sensitive information, simplifying your governance and risk management.


It's complex, and takes a lot of time and resource to set up, maintain and monitor.

It's also an expensive tool; the more sources and data you scan, the more you pay.

Purview or Power BI Sentinel?

Purview Sentinel Comparison


Microsoft Purview and Power BI Sentinel are not competing products, they are complimentary.

Purview gives you the breadth of coverage over your entire data estate.

Sentinel gives you depth of information for Power BI.

Purview provides the holistic view of your entire data engineering estate, from your operational data systems through to your ETL/ELT processes and into your ODS, Data Lake, Data Warehouse and any other storage solution. This does even extend to some basic Power BI data lineage functionality.

Power BI Sentinel is a complete Power BI monitoring and Governance tool, which provides table/view/proc level lineage, as well as auditing, disaster recovery and permissions/security monitoring.


Microsoft Azure Purview
Feature Purview Sentinel
Power BI Backups No Yes
Power BI Auditing No Yes
Power BI Change Tracking No Yes
Power BI Refresh Monitoring No Yes
Power BI Documentation No Yes
Power BI Permissions Monitoring No Yes
Power BI Data Lineage Yes




Azure/AWS Data Lineage Yes No
Sensitivity Labels Yes

(Whole Estate)


(Power BI)

Data Classification Yes No
Azure Data Catalog Yes No

Governance and transparency of Power BI with Power BI Sentinel