Microsoft Fabric and Power BI Sentinel

What is Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform by Microsoft that brings together the entire analytics process into Power BI. A single point of access for three key Microsoft products - Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI.

Scalability is a key feature of the Microsoft Fabric architecture, offering the ability to build projects in varying sizes (think up-to multi-terabyte data solutions). You can start off with a small-scale project and as business needs grow, so can the project!

What is Microsoft Fabric?

Auditing and Governance for Microsoft Fabric

The Power BI Sentinel team have been working with Fabric and Microsoft for months, during the private preview stages of Microsoft Fabric development, exploring, investigating and preparing for the next big step in capability.

Power BI Sentinel already includes Microsoft Fabric activity in its audit log capture functionality, and this will continue to enhance as Microsoft expands the events being logged.

Lineage and Documentation

The Microsoft Fabric APIs are not yet available, so we're limited on what else we can do at the moment, but rest assured that the Power BI Sentinel team are working hard on laying the foundations for the functionality that we'll be bringing you when the APIs are made available.

What can we expect?

Microsoft Fabric Logo

Big things! We can't give you the details yet, but from a high level we're planning on the following:

  • Storing your audit logs in a Fabric Data Warehouse or Lakehouse
  • Storing your backups in a Fabric data lake
  • Full auditing of activity logs for Fabric
  • Automated documentation for your Fabric entities
  • Enhancing data lineage to include Fabric entities

There's a lot of work for us to do here, and we're excited about the prospects!

Should we wait?

It's never too early to start your data governance journey.

You're better off getting a system in place early when your estate is smaller and more manageable, get full transparency and visibility of how it is growing.

You can then control and guide the growth, ensuring that you don't hit any unexpected surprises along the journey.

Microsoft Fabric Diagram Power BI Sentinel

Do you want to know more about Fabric and it's capability?

Power BI Sentinel's parent company, Purple Frog Systems, is a Microsoft Data Analytics consultancy renowned for its expertise in this field.

They'd be happy to provide any help and guidance on your Microsoft Fabric journey, whether you're in the early stages of research, or you're knee-deep in Lakehouses and Spark ML jobs and need some additional hands.

If you're a Power BI Sentinel customer, you can get a free session with a Purple Frog consultant to discuss Microsoft Fabric and get all of your questions answered.

Drop an email to to get a session scheduled.