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Power BI Sentinel elevates your Power BI experience...

Providing tailored insights and information relevant to your needs as a Technical User.

Whether you're a Power BI Analyst, Data Scientist, or Database Administrator, your role is crucial in maintaining the smooth operation of Power BI and Microsoft Fabric within your organization. However, it can be challenging to track how data is consumed or transformed. That's where we, Power BI Sentinel, come in.

Each individual involved in the Power BI development process will have distinct priorities. Whether it's ensuring correct utilization of data sources, maintaining consistent methodology across data models, or verifying report consumption by end users, developers need insights into how reports are being consumed. Understanding, if end users are downloading data into Excel, accessing via mobile, or viewing through the portal, is essential for developers.

With numerous factors to consider, Power BI Sentinel offers a comprehensive overview of essential information, providing actionable insights into the operation of your Power BI Estate.


Power BI Sentinel Architecture Diagram

Your Insights, Your Control.

We ensure all Power BI Sentinelmetadata is sent back to your Azure SQL DB or Fabric Data Warehouse, granting you the freedom to gather personalized insights from your data. Alternatively, you can effortlessly browse the data using our Power BI Template files, seamlessly integrating into your database for instant access and analysis.

Power BI Sentinel is built on the robust Azure platform, leveraging data centers located in US Central, EU, and Australia. This ensures reliable performance and compliance with regional data regulations.

Our platform offers the capability to backup large semantic models via ABF, ensuring data integrity and security. These backups remain on-site, providing peace of mind as your data is not processed externally. Enhance your data with internal sources like Entra User group information, strengthening the existing auditing capabilities and providing comprehensive insights into your operations.

Additionally, we offer a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try out our services with confidence. This guarantee acts as a risk-free trial, allowing you to experience the benefits of Power BI Sentinel firsthand

Key Points

Keep track of your valuable data. Monitor where data is being used across the tenant, and see how it is being manipulated using column search and lineage.

Unlimited support via email

Monitor report consumption and activity with Audit logs.

Roll back errors or breaks in reports using our Automated Backups feature.

Interrogate your own data, and analyze it however you like.