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Ensuring security and data privacy stands as a priority for every organization. Especially in overseeing a Power BI infrastructure. Without thorough monitoring and governance measures in place, it becomes challenging to ascertain who accesses your data and how it's utilized.

Average cost of a data breach

The average expense of a data breach surpassed $4 million in 2023, safeguarding and governing your data holds utmost importance.

Power BI Sentinel provides comprehensive supervision of your environment. It enables you to track the configuration of endorsements, security rules, or row-level security on your data across your entire estate, in one place.

You can identify users accessing your datasets, along with details on when and how they access them.

Complete data lineage tracking provides you with full insight into where your sensitive data is being exposed, and to who.

This allows you to identify and fix any over licensing, as well as reduce your data exposure footprint, reducing costs and risk.

Locating such details within Power BI natively requires a significant amount of time. However, with Power BI Sentinel, newly generated data is automatically processed and made available for consumption daily.

To uphold international security standards, both Power BI Sentinel and its parent company, Purple Frog Systems, boast ISO 27001 certification. Additionally, we maintain Cyber Essentials Certification and undergo routine vulnerability and penetration testing conducted by IT Governance.


Data Handling & Access Management

To ensure GDPR and ISO compliance, we refrain from storing sensitive data within our systems. Instead, all backups and logs extracted from your Power BI tenant are processed and directed to your designated Azure SQL DB and Azure Storage account.

Your data models are promptly returned to you, facilitating access management, security setup, and compliance alignment with your data strategy. Essential metadata, encompassing column and table names, remains stored in our database for convenient access via the Power BI Sentinel portal.

Access to the Power BI Sentinel portal is strictly governed by Microsoft security protocols, utilizing Power BI Single Sign-On (SSO) Authorization tokens. This ensures seamless access management across both services. Any data invisible within your Power BI tenant remains inaccessible within the Power BI Sentinel portal.

For exceptionally sensitive data that cannot leave your site or country, Power BI Sentinel offers ABF backups. This feature enables direct exportation of data files to your specified Azure storage account, keeping your data within your estate's confines.


Power BI Sentinel extends its reach globally, with servers situated across Central USA, Northern Germany for the EU region, and Australia.

Server availability varies depending on the license type. Credit card customers are automatically assigned to the primary server located in Central USA. Invoice customers have the flexibility to select any of the three available locations for their processing server.


Map of Power BI Sentinel's datacentres - AU, EU, USA.

Pricing & Licence Types

Our pricing and licensing structure are determined by the number of reports you schedule for backup within our online portal, rather than your entire estate.

For instance, if your estate comprises 400 reports in shared workspaces but only 250 of these reports are scheduled for backup on any schedule, you would require our Enterprise 250 license.

We offer a range of licenses starting from E-250 for monthly credit card subscriptions and scaling up to E-1000, E-5000, and E-10,000+. If your requirements fall outside these license types, please contact us, and we will accommodate your needs.

Additionally, we provide a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all license levels. Notify us of your intent to cancel within 14 days of your license activation date, and we will refund any payments made.

To view our complete pricing lists for monthly credit or annual invoice subscriptions, please click the button below.

Support, SLA's and Terms of Service

Power BI Sentinel includes comprehensive support options, offering unlimited assistance either through email at help@powerbisentinel.com or via video call with one of our support team members.

Our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures a response to all inquiries within one working day. In cases of critical issues involving loss of access or functionality, we escalate them to our development team for prompt diagnosis and resolution.

You can access all documentation for setting up and configuring Power BI Sentinel on our website, here.

Key Points

We don't store your data. Everything we process goes back to you.

Security managed by Microsoft and Power BI user tokens

Global servers in USA, EU and AUS

Unlimited support at no extra cost