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Administering and deploying Power BI can be challenging when extending reporting access to the entire organization. You aim to empower all employees to create their own reports, yet you're unsure how to achieve this without compromising management integrity or dedicating costly resources to constant monitoring.


Managing the risks inherent in the rapid deployment of Power BI poses challenges, necessitating a robust disaster recovery plan to mitigate downtime and instil confidence in Power BI and Microsoft Fabric.

Our solution, Power BI Sentinel, provides essential insights for effective Power BI estate management, enabling precise tracking of user activities and safeguarding against potential disasters with automated backups. Additionally, Power BI Sentinel significantly reduces processing time for governance data retrieval, streamlining compliance efforts for auditors and GDPR requirements seamlessly.

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Risk Assessment Report

 Our Power BI risk assessment report offers a comprehensive overview of your enterprise Power BI environment, highlighting areas of concern for informed decision-making.

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Disaster Recovery Strategy

You're able to back up your reports daily, conduct rollbacks and track all changes for each user. This helps you build an enterprise-level Power BI disaster recovery solution.

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Comply with GDPR

Utilize the data stewardship capabilities within Power BI Sentinel to delve deeper into data exposure across your organization. Leverage data lineage features to enhance compliance with GDPR regulations.

Key Points

Eliminate uncertainty in managing your Power BI estate. Take command of your data and deploy robust governance solutions based on the insights provided by Power BI Sentinel.

Full audit logging across your entire estate.

Reduce downtime, and easily diagnose refresh failures.

Cut costs, see who is using their pro licenses. And trim unused workspaces.